To be considered for an SME100 Award, your company must fulfil the following criteria:

Annual turnover of minimum RM1 million or minimum 20 full time employees for manufacturing, manufacturing-related and agro-based industries.

Annual turnover of minimum RM500,000 or minimum 10 full time employees for services, primary agriculture and ICT industries.

Can either be a holding company or a subsidiary. If the holding company participates, all subsidiaries will not be eligible.

Submit your company details here for more information on how you can participate.


Limited number of winners to be selected for the special category


The SME100® CTOS Credit Excellence Award and the Golden Abacus is awarded for consistent credit excellence including history of business, viability and sustainability based on financial reports, credibility and reputation of the business owner and overall growth of the company.

Believing strongly that business is built on trust, SME100® partners with CTOS to validate companies within the SME100® program under this ground-breaking category to instil trust, transparency and integrity among our SMEs.



This is a special category launched to recognize strong icons and success stories among SMEs. The SME100 – Affin SME Icon Award is given to businesses that have products and/or services that are uniquely Malaysian in terms of ownership, development and/or cultural linkage, while demonstrating strong growth and leadership in the market.


  • Min revenue of RM 100 million (manufacturing) or RM 50 million (services/agriculture)
  • Minimum 5 years in operating business
  • A strong icon and success story as an SME, from conception and growth to current achievements as a market leader or omnipresence in the market.

SME100® - Sustainable Brand Awards

For businesses to grow and protect that growth, business owners must recognise that purpose and sustainability is at the heart of all businesses. When our purpose are aligned with that of the community and the environment, the results is a competitive moat that will help sustain our businesses in good times, and in bad.


  • A focus on ESG as part of the company’s objectives
  • A minimum of two years of establishment
  • Ability to demonstrate actions and plans to incorporate sustainability into business


  • Physical audit and interview by SME100 Committee
  • Submission and judging of programs and business plan from an ESG angle


Both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks are employed to determine the winners and their rankings within the list :

80% Quantitative Criteria

  • Net operating Profit Before Tax
  • Annual Turnover
  • Growth in Operating Profit
  • Growth in Turnover
  • Return on Assets
  • Export Revenue/Turnover
  • Investments in Capital/Training and Research & Development
  • Must not be listed on any stock exchange or market share

20% Qualitative Criteria

  • Management Outlook
  • Major Innovations
  • Market Presence and Share
  • Information Technology Usage
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Activities
  • Export Activities


To maintain confidentiality, the profit of participating companies will NOT be released publicly. Operating profit and financial ratios will only be used for the purpose of ranking and will be published only as a percentage or ratio.

However, profit and other figures may be used for research purposes, for which authorisation is deemed to have been received from all participating companies upon submission of the Nomination Form. The organisers’ decisions on all aspects of this programme including ranking, evaluation and publication of the list will be final.


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