It's the premier regional awards for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The Awards identify and recognise SMEs based on a basket of quantitative and qualitative criteria with a focus on growth (turnover, profit and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability and vision).

SME100 Awards is an Annual Recognition programme organised by SME Magazine, naming the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector. To promote recognition of top businesses in a lucrative and dynamic market, the SME100 Awards has served as a symbol separating the best among the great.

The SME100 Awards since its establishment has served as pinnacle of trust and benchmark of reliability among business owners. Be it business ventures, investors, or clients foreign and domestic alike, the SME100 Awards has become the beacon of attention on all platforms. Available to both Malaysia and Singapore, the SME Magazine has managed to uphold prestige for the dynamic market of SMEs through the SME100 Awards.

Awardees are also featured in a Special Edition of the SME magazine and other supporting publications. They also participate in other programmes under the SME100 Framework.

SME100 Awards is the highest accolade for an SME to aspire for!


Since its inception in 2009, SME100 Awards Malaysia has surveyed over 8,200 nominees to sought out the fastest moving business within the SME sector. Driven by the initial objective of deriving a differentiating factor among the sector, the award has now come to be recognised as a prestigious benchmark attracting the attention of investors and clients, domestic and overseas.

Independently researched, ranked and published by SME Magazine, SME100 ranks the top 100 fast moving companies in selected countries in Asia based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Progressing upon the need to establish a systematic and impartial scoring system, the award has since then partnered with Cheng & Co as the official auditing form to demarcate eligible winners. Questionnaires/participation forms were sent to 5,000 pre-selected SMEs in each country based on a proportionate representation of the 20 industry grouping using SME100 Scorecard.


SME Magazine is Southeast Asia’s best-selling business magazine. Dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs, SME Magazine, features current news and in-depth analysis, and practical articles and features in everyday language.

A rapidly expanding sector, SME companies form the bulk of businesses throughout Asia and is often referred to as the thrust of the new economy. SME Magazine speaks to the owners and entrepreneurs, people at the driving seats of their respective business. Building on our edifying resource, the SME Magazine aims to establish competitive platforms for the SME sector such as exhibitions and awards.

With a trendy cover coupled with a creative and refreshing layout, SME is exciting, inspiring and motivating. Driven by an excellent pool of correspondents and contributors, SME Magazine high quality articles are diversified, detailed and written in a way that gives our readers a global perspective while maintaining unique local insight.


  • SME Magazine has the largest circulation and readership among any business magazines in Southeast Asia
  • 72% of readers surveyed are business owners and entrepreneurs – the highest concentration among any media in the region
  • SME Magazine readers are affluent, high-networth individuals who are also decision makers for their businesses
  • SME Magazine has the lowest CPM rate when targeting business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Over 70% of current advertisers are multinational and public listed companies who want to reach out to business owners and entrepreneurs.


Limited number of winners to be selected for the special category


The SME100® CTOS Credit Excellence Award and the Golden Abacus is awarded for consistent credit excellence including history of business, viability and sustainability based on financial reports, credibility and reputation of the business owner and overall growth of the company.

Believing strongly that business is built on trust, SME100® partners with CTOS to validate companies within the SME100® programme under this groundbreaking category to instil trust, transparency and integrity among our SMEs.



This is a special category launched to recognize strong icons and success stories among SMEs. The SME100 – Affin SME Icon Award is given to businesses that have products and/or services that are uniquely Malaysian in terms of ownership, development and/or cultural linkage, while demonstrating strong growth and leadership in the market.

  • Min revenue of RM 100 million (manufacturing) or RM 50 million (services/agriculture)
  • Minimum 5 years in operating business
  • A strong icon and success story as an SME, from conception and growth to current achievements as a market leader or omnipresence in the market.


The SME100 Awards is a benchmark title of quality and reliability of any business in the SME sector for consideration across the APAC.


Winners of each respective year will congregate to further discover opportunities among other winners of this prestigious award.


Winners are entitled to a feature in the SME100 Winner’s Book, with honourary mention in our press release subject to the selection of the most insightful quote.


An impartial and systematic process will be conducted independently by the SME Magazine.
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